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Different Scale Models - All Desktop Models
Different Scale Desktop Models

Model Airplanes come in various sizes as pointed out in my article, Large Scale Plastic Models – What are the scales?  Depending on the size of the model and how you want to display it, you should pay attention to the ‘environment of display’. Small models are more delicate than larger models due to the detail and the sheer size of the detailed parts on the model. Hence, displaying the model in a ‘Model Airplane Display Case’ will protect the model from tactile wear and tear as well as environmental pollution.

You can visit several of the sites that I recommend that provide aircraft models. But,  I encourage you to read about the dangers of handling your models.  Just select ‘Continue Reading’.  You can go directly to Display Cases and other links for aircraft models here.

You should also consider the ‘Access’ the model will have by the observer(s). Certainly, you don’t want the model to be picked up as injury to the model is highly likely. General cleaning of the model can result in damage to a delicate part. Protecting your model is paramount. That brings us to discussing a means to protect your investment and provide visual access to your model, mitigating the risks to damaging the model.

Holding a Model – Good or Bad

It’s really cool to pickup something that has captured your interest. The act of doing so gives you more information about the item you’re holding. How heavy is it? What’s it feels like to the touch? The act of holding an item in your hands can convey the degree of quality in the item and that is an important piece of information. But there is a downside to allowing physical access to a model.

Holding a Model Airplane
Holding a Model Airplane

The first and most concerning action to having a model picked up is the risk of damage to the model if it’s mishandled. The most attentive individual with an inquisitive interest is prone to having accidents as we all are. But, even when a model is handled with extreme care, unseen damage can occur. What am I talking about?

As innocuous as it may sound, the act of just touching the surface paint of a model can damage the paint. All of us leave finger prints on everything that we touch. Finger prints are deposits of ‘oil’ produced by the body. This ‘oil’ is the culprit, as it can interact with the paint used on a model. Over time, the interaction of the ‘oil’ can discolor the paint. Acrylic paint tends to turn yellow over time and it distracts from the beauty of the model.

Dust and Dirt

This is a major issue with models. The longer a model sits the more dust it can be exposed to. If the dust is not removed, it eventually adheres to the surface and adversely interacts with the surface paint. Hence, ‘dusting’ will always be a concern to remove it. But the downside is the risk of damage especially by the products used to clean the surface. Cleaning cloths can snag small parts.

Cleaning Rags
Cleaning Rags

Cleaning fluids can interact with the acrylic paints that are used. To mitigate this risk, the model has to be removed from this environment. Better yet… a protective barrier that prevents dust and dirt from landing on the surfaces of the model and allows visual access is the ideal solution.

Protective Display Cases

Placing your model on display so others can enjoy it seems like a no-brainer. The size of the model will be an issue for you if you decide to go in that direction. In a public setting, Display cases are more for security than for protection from the elements. In a private setting, security may not be as important as much as to protect the model from dust.

Wood Display Case
Wood Display Case

The larger the model will require a larger display case. You will most likely have to custom order a display case for a large model.  Display Cases can be made out of many different materials but are generally made from Acrylic Plastic or Glass and wood.

I have found a provider that leads the field for quality, simplicity of design, and craftsmanship.  I recommend that you look at the Display cases below and others that are available.

Here we have two different display cases.  The one on the left is a case that sits on a piece of furniture and is elegant.  It does the job and will protect your smaller models.

Small Airplane Display Case
Small Airplane Display Case

Large Airplane Model Display Case
Large Airplane Model Display Case

The Display case to the right is much larger and will handle larger models.  To view these cases and see more detail, click on the image and you will have the opportunity to acquire them.

If your making an investment into purchasing large scale models, you certainly want to protect that investment.

Here are a couple more cases that may interest you.  Just click the image to see the details. Or if you would like to view some models that may interest you, just follow this link.

Large Model Plane Display Case
Large Model Plane Display Case
Counter Top Model Airplane Display Case
Counter Top Model Airplane Display Case


Please leave a comment below and let us know what your opinions are. I would love to engage in conversation.



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4 thoughts on “Model Airplane Display Case”

  1. Hey Chris,

    I loved models when I was young and thought adults that enjoyed them were so cool. However, I’ve never been patient enough to be any good at them. My wife’s a painter. She’s the patient one.

    I do remember the dust issue however. I ruins the most beautiful of detailed models. All that hard work, then a layer of dust down in the cracks. I think your point is spot on.


    1. Thank you you CT,
      Once you have built your model or have bought a model with a livery of your choice, the last thing that you want happen is damage due to cleaning or damage to the decals/paint due to the acids left behind from touching the paint surface. Attention to detail prevents problems down the road.

  2. Hey,

    These some really beautiful models and I love holding such in my office is it possible to submit a photograph of a plane and then they make the model or do they have all plane models including spaceships since i want one for my living room, I have a photo that I downloaded,
    You help is highly appreciated

    1. Hi Dave,  

      Your question is good.  There are a few companies that will build a model for you.  They can take a photograph and replicate the aircraft in question.  You will have to let them know what scale you want in the model and of course what Livery you desire if it is not detailed enough in the photograph.  Next you will have to decide what material do you want the model made from.  All of this comes at a price.  This would definitely be a custom model.  But it will be beautiful.

      If you do a little research yourself, you can generally find ‘off the shelf’ models that will match your expectations.  The cost will be far less than a custom made model.  Models are built in different materials. Wood, plastic, resin, balsa, die-cast metal.  They come in a variety of scales. 

      My opinion is the larger the better.  I have a model of an Airbus 300-600R sitting in my office.  It’s 1/100 scale and is 22 inches long.  Great to view and has detail that is usually lost on smaller scales. 

      Spaceships fall into the category of ‘Futuristic design’.  They are available and are generally modeled after movie/TV representations of spacecraft.  Spacecraft that have a history are available as well.  All of the spacecraft that have flown are modeled, but not all companies provide them.

      The sources I provided are located at Amazon and they have access to a number of companies that produce models.  Take a look and see what you can find in their repertoire of models 

      You mentioned that you would like a model in your living room.  What ideas do you have?

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