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Aircraft Silhete
Far and away

We all have seen pictures of Aircraft in their element, usually with bright vibrant colors that elicit our feelings to be a part of the experience. But it’s just that, a picture. Having a Model of the aircraft that has inspired you is much better than the picture because it’s real and within your grasp. I will discuss through my posts the details surrounding your decisions for picking Airplane Models, large scale, small scale, and kits or pre-built. I will not be discussing the category of ‘Flying Models’, but only that of ‘Static’ models that are on display.


If you know what your looking for, whether it’s a model or a Display case to show the model(s), save yourself some time and look at some recommendations that I have here.

WWII F-4U Corsair
F-4U Corsair
Display American A-321
American A-321

Military Models to Commercial Airline Models in company Livery’s are available.

Discussions on Model Airplanes

There are several discussions concerning Model Airplanes and the questions that most people ask prior to purchasing a model. You can find these discussions in the menu to the left. I highly recommend that you look at my discussion on display cases as they will protect your investment. Reading may inspire you to ask questions.

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