Commercial Airplane Models

Most if not all Airlines in the world have fleets of aircraft that are in turn modeled both in type and livery. When I speak of type, I am referring to the make and model of the aircraft. The word Livery refers to the paint scheme. Commercial Airplane Models are appealing to the eye and sparks the imagination of those that look at them. The models are built in different scales as well as different materials.

Display Boeing 707
Display Boeing 707

I have discussed in other articles the differences in scale as well as materials (click the links to see the article). Your choices are not that many, but choosing the right model for the purpose is most important. If you would like to browse selections of models, you can do it in an article I wrote where I provide links that will take you to Amazon with the Keyword search already inserted.

Models not Toys

Depending on the materials used in the construction of the models will directly affect the durability of the model. Large models reflecting Commercial Airplanes are usually for display purposes. They may have been a gift of gratitude or just personal self-indulgence highlighting events that conjure up memories. They are not durable enough to be treated as a toy for an adolescent child.

The biggest concern for these large models is that of Dust and handling. In my article ‘Model Airplane Display Case’, I talk about the vulnerabilities that one needs to address if you want an expensive model to last the test of time. There are no guaranties when a model is in the hands of a child. They just will not survive.

Model Kits

Different Sizes
Different Scales

Pre-built models are ‘turn key’. Nothing is needed other than a place for display. Display places’ could be on a credenza or in a display case designed to protect the model. But models also come in kits to be built by a modeling enthusiast. Models are available in different scales and in different materials. Kit models are built from numerous pieces and with workmanship, can be very difficult to discern from a solid one piece model.

The biggest disadvantage with kits is the time necessary to build them. Once finished, then the livery of the model must be put on taking on additional time. Hand painting and decal placement are not for the faint of heart. Very exacting and meticulous work is needed if you are going to have a beautiful model for display.

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Leave a comment below on your thoughts or if you have a story to tell about a model you have.  Questions are welcome as well.

3 thoughts on “Commercial Airplane Models”

  1. for a little while, my husband used worked did a lot of these model kits – that was before had our own businesses, and our time is just not allowing such an hobby. But planes had always been his favorites to create.

    I love the idea as well, just I have a lot less patience than he does. But I always appreciated the finished product.

    Many blessings!

  2. I love airplanes and just the whole design of them. I actually work at an airport and are around all kinds of aircraft all the time and may I say that I love the job. Thank you for the read and I am excited to see more posts and articles from this site.


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