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Boeing Commercial Plane
A Dream

Our fascination with flight is teased when we are reminded of the vehicles and machines that take us aloft. Seeing Commercial Model Airplanes displayed can have a very positive interaction between your Dreams of participation and your inquisitive thoughts of ‘What if’. ‘What if’, I was sitting in the left seat flying this behemoth that has so much power and grace?

How can I have a model that represents what I did for a living or what I worked on? A reminder of achievement whether it was mastering the concepts of flight or allowing me to escape to where I wanted to be.

Airplane Models

We will assume for this article that you want a model that is already assembled or built.  As in my other posts, ‘Large Scale Aircraft Models – What are they? Do you need one!‘, and ‘Large Scale Plastic Models – What are the scales?‘ I have talked about the aircraft models in terms of their size, method of display, and what they are made out of.  But what other information is pertinent to know prior to ordering a model.  A few thoughts come to mind.

Aircraft type
Size or Scale of the Model
Livery (Paint scheme)
Custom details

This is fairly straight forward.  In the automobile world where you find companies we all have heard and most likely have bought from; Aviation has its own players all competing to sell their aircraft. Boeing Aircraft Company and Airbus Industries are the two largest manufacturers.  Their aircraft are modeled by many different model manufacturers and in many different mediums.

Boeing 221 and 787 Aircraft
Boeing 221 and 787

But the most important information to know is what type or model of aircraft are you interested in.  Time has seen many new Airplanes developed and most have been        modeled.  Boeing’s first airliner was the Model 221, which had a 6-passenger cabin. The latest is the Boeing 787 Dreamliner.

Identifying the type is important, especially if the model is destined as a gift of appreciation.

Size or Scale of the Model

First question should be … Where will the model be displayed?  Models come in different sizes or scale. Displaying the model needs to be kept in context with anything else on display that is related to the aircraft.  It is not so important if the model is on display by itself; A corner of a desk top or behind the desk on a credenza or in a display case.  It’s also a matter of concern as to the recipient.  An adolescent will have a different need for display than that of an individual being recognized for their accomplishments.

Different Scales
Different Scales

The larger the model, the more detail will be available.  Models come in different scales, as shown by this image.

So how large is ‘large’?  Models can be a couple of inches long to several feet.  It’s determined by the scale of the model.

An example:  Airbus 300-600R  aircraft in real life is 177 feet long.  A model of the aircraft at a scale ratio of 1:100 will be about 21 inches long.

Livery (Paint scheme)

You have two basic options in this decision. Either you know what livery you want or you will want a generic livery that is provided by the aircraft manufacturer or the custom paint by the private owner of the aircraft.

Most likely you will want to choose a specific Airline Company which has its unique livery and is generally provided by most model companies.  But if you’re looking for a specific paint scheme, corporate or private, you will most likely need to custom order the model.

Custom details

This will add costs and time to the building/ordering of any model that you may want. Off the shelf models are the least expensive and may not be available in a scale that you desire.  Ordering a Custom made model affords you a greater choice in what you want. But a custom model can be more expensive than an off the shelf model.

As mentioned above and in previous articles that I have written, your search for a model, that will convey appreciation for work done, honor commitment to innovation, or recognize the love affair one has with a machine, can be a rewarding venture.

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Leave a comment below and let me and others know what your opinions are.

6 thoughts on “Commercial Model Airplanes – Large Scale”

  1. Hi Chris – Fascinating article. All my life, I’ve wanted to fly and watch planes and have forever been a frustrated non-pilot. I would be thrilled with a gift of a model. I bookmarked your site.

    1. Nick, Thank you for your comment. Please check back when your interested in moving toward acquiring a model. I am currently still building out the site and will be adding appropriate links that will further educate and direct you to models that might interest you.

  2. HI,
    This is a very professional looking website. good organization and lots of info on what I think is a great niche! My son had a passion for models – he favored WWII tanks. We made dioramas, entered local hobby shops’ diorama contests.

    I like the way you have your links set up to be just a short phrase, with a link that works. I like the way you linked in to entire pages of Amazon, so visitors can shop easily.

    I like all the information at the bottom of the site’ posts.
    Great Job,

    1. Thank you Sue. It’s been a long time since I have seen a diorama contest. If a hobby shop owner sponsors a contest, it seems like a no-brainer that he will inspire as well as profit from the experience.

  3. Hi Chris.

    I honestly have never thought about commercial planes for models. I usually see old war craft model planes and personal flyer planes.

    I was interested in learning that these commercial model planes are available in different sizes and can used for any type of design display items in offices, buildings or even personal homes.

    Thanks for tips and things to think about when ordering a commercial model plane. It seems we have plenty of choices of the final product.

    1. Thanks Kim.  Most of us don’t think of the more unusual items that can spur and promote synergies through the display of Models.  Aviation oriented Models are most inspirational, but modeling of other vehicles, craft, land or air or water can be just as inspirational.

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